Common Foot Problems – Solving Your Foot Problems Once and For All

Foot issues have long plagued women of all ages. Foot pain is not only uncomfortable but it can be extremely painful as well. With arthritis in feet it can make walking and wearing footwear unbearable. The most common problem associated with arthritic or inflamed joints is hammertoes. The pain can range anywhere from mild to severe and is usually felt in the heels, the base of the big toes, the middle toe, the ball of the foot, the outer side of the foot and the inner side of the foot.

Foot Issues

There are many different types of foot issues caused by arthritis in feet. Bunions can occur in any joint of the foot or the ankle. These become swollen and protrude outwards causing great discomfort. Bunions are also referred to as “toe bunion.” They are most common in the big toe and are caused by the joint being overstressed. Other bunions are called rolling or metatarsal bunions, also caused by the overstressing of the joint.

Herniated or slipped feet are another common foot issues. A hernia is when the tissue inside a bone becomes deformed. It can cause severe pain and pressure on the nerves. A slipped or deviated foot can be either flat or slightly elevated, depending on the severity of the condition.

Nail fungus or fungal toenails is one of the main causes of bunions, heel inflammation and many other foot issues. Many athletes suffer from nail fungus. This can be from sweaty feet or poor foot hygiene. Athlete’s foot is an infection caused by a fungus that infects athletes and other people who wear socks and shoes made of synthetic materials, which are more likely to allow moisture to accumulate at the bottom of the shoes.

Achilles tendinitis is inflammation in the tendon around the foot. It occurs when too much stress is placed on the tendons. It is usually seen as a rash and redness that spread across the top of the foot. This can be very painful. Other foot problems that can be mistaken for Achilles tendinitis include calluses, corns, thickened skin at the edge of the toe and thickened skin in the groin area.

Heel pain is usually first noticed in the morning after sleeping for several hours. When standing, people with flat feet tend to feel pain in their feet. The pain increases as the day wears on. People with high arches have a tendency to develop hammertoe. High arches are caused by the excessive bending of the knees.

Another common foot problem is plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is when the top of the foot gets inflamed and causes sharp pain and swelling. Sometimes the foot becomes so inflamed it starts to rub on the inside of the heel. The condition can also become painful when walking.

A condition called calcinosis causes a hardening of the joints of the toes. The toes may turn inward or outward. Usually there is an injury causing pain at the base of the big toe. There may also be inflammation of the joints around the toe. Other conditions causing pain in the foot are tendinitis and bursitis.

Many people do not wear the right type of shoes for high arch feet. Shoes that are too high or made of very soft materials can cause blisters to develop on the top of the foot. These blisters are very painful and can also cause the skin under the heel to become irritated. Wearing shoes with narrow heels can cause problems for people with high arches.

Poor foot health leads to a variety of medical issues including joint pain, foot fatigue and discomfort, skin irritation and inflammation, and poor blood circulation. These problems can lead to infections if they are not treated properly. It is important to make sure the feet are adequately cleaned each day and that there is an adequate gap between socks and shoes. Using foot powders and anti-bacterial sprays can help to reduce the discomfort from frequent foot rubbing and rashes can sometimes occur as a result.

People who are suffering from arthritis or joint pain should definitely consider going barefoot. Arthritis affects thousands of people every year and can cause extreme discomfort when wearing closed shoes. Many people have found great relief in learning how to go barefoot on a daily basis. By using a variety of different techniques and products that will work to help improve the way the feet are aligned can significantly reduce the level of foot pain they experience. People suffering from arthritis and joint pain should definitely look into this method of improving their general health.

Skin irritations are another very common foot problems. While many people may not think there is anything wrong with being barefoot because it helps to keep the skin moist and free of debris, it can actually increase the chances of infections. Some people with sensitive skin even turn to using powders and creams to help moisturize their skin. People who do not have sensitive skin may not notice much of a difference in the way their skin looks, but the fact remains that having a dryer skin means it is more susceptible to irritations and infections. Wearing socks regularly and avoiding tight shoes is one way to ensure you do not aggravate your skin and make it more susceptible to irritation.