a2 Foot Sleeve Boot Bumper Silipos Gel


Foot Sleeve Boot bumper with two Silipos Gel inside (front/back heel). 1 per package.


The Silipos Gel Boot Bumper Sleeve is an innovative solution for aching feet and ankles. Created with 2 gel pads, one to shield the ankle joint as well as one to safeguard the dorsal part of the foot, the gel launches medical grade mineral oil to aid soften as well as hydrate the skin. This easy to move on sleeve can be worn with footwear, athletic footwear, ski boots, skates, and also cleats. The Silipos Gel gives supporting while gradually launching medical grade mineral oil for added comfort. This gel padded boot liner also gives gentle compression and also dissipation of pressure around an irritated achilles tendon. The two soft adapting gel pads are tactically put to safeguard the ankle from stress, influence, as well as friction.

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Small/Medium, Large/XLarge

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