Feet Warmer Inserts


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One size fits all.  

Womens 6-10

Mens 9-12

  • Warm Your Feet in 30 Seconds: A quick 30 seconds (no more) in the microwave will warm the heat up slipper inserts, keeping them warm for upto 30 minutes! Providing you the most convenient foot warmer! We have created the ultimate safe design, making it a battery free and cordless product.
  • Revolutionary Odorless Feet Warmers: We all know how unbearable some wheat packs can smell, you can’t escape the potent scent. The Heat Up Slippers have revolutionized the ultimate slipper insert warmer by making it odor-free. These are made from earth mineral materials that do not rub you the wrong way!
  • Complete Comfort For You: Your feet deserve every ounce of comfort. These  provide sheer pleasure whether it is walking around your home or resting on the sofa after a long day. Treat yourself to your warm Snookiz heating slippers to indulge in restful and relaxing moments in the comfort of your home.
  • LavaTech Innovative Technology: We have engineered the LavaTech slipper insert warmer that is made with unique earth minerals to rapidly warm up your slipper insert in 30 seconds, while gradually releasing the warmth for upto 30 minutes. Allowing your feet to stay warm and comfortable for a lot longer, compared to other slippers in the market. The earth mineral materials is revolutionary, providing an odor-free guarantee.
  • No More Cold Feet For You: There is nothing worse than feeling the cold running through the tips of your toes. The heat slippers warm and nurture your feet, adding gentle warmth to your toes, providing the best cold feet solution.