Turf Toe/Hallux Limitus Bracing Sleeve


What is Your Condition?

  • Turf Toe
  • Hallux Limitus/Rigidus
  • Flexor Tendonitis
  • General Bunion Pain
  • Healing/Stable Great Toe Fracture
  • Sprain of ligament
  • Strain of tendon of first toe webspace


  • Medical grade compression
  • Dynamic tension band splint/stabilizer
  • Anatomical right/left fit
  • Multiple sizes


A new groundbreaking innovation in the split line that is sure to be a game changer for athletes suffering from a sprained Big Toe known as turf toe. Also beneficial for non-athletes that have arthritis in their toe known as Hallux Limitus Rigidus and/or bunions. Many people can not tolerate the thickness and stiffness of carbon plates or the short span of support for traditional athletic taping in their athletic shoes. The streamline nature of the sleeve incorporated with the splint was perfect for patient compliance.

The key to the splint is the dynamic springboard action under the big toe joint or first metatarsal. The splint uses the concept of the tension band. This distributes forces across the length of the entire metatarsal instead of directly on the joint during the toe off segment of walking or running known as propulsion. The other therapeutic benefit is the medical grade compression which helps to protect the joints and limit swelling. The use of a sophisticated yet simple designed splint may avoid other treatments ranging from cortisone shots to surgical intervention. This splint will set a trend for new paradigms and treatments of athletic and chronic injuries.

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Small/Medium, Large/XLarge


Left, Right